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Church History

In 1855 Dr. B. F. Duncan and John Wilson kept vigil by the bedside of a sick friend. Near the hour of midnight the men came to a momentous decision: They must form a Presbyterian Church in Greenfield, and so they did.

The first stalwart Presbyterians, 18 in number, met at the Old Masonic Hall on the corner of Main and Pennsylvania streets. In twelve years, and now numbering 140 members, they were able to construct their first church on the northeast corner of South and Pennsylvania streets. The building was completed in the winter of 1868 at a cost of $10,500. The first convert received after taking possession of the new building was Miss Hattie B. Stitt.

Our present church building was erected on the same site in 1906. The cornerstone was laid on September 21st of that year and in it a copper box was placed containing copies of church records and other valuable papers. The cost of that project was $24,000.

The bell which now hangs in the belfry was presented to the church in 1906 by attorney Montgomery Marsh who bought the bell at a public auction when the old courthouse was torn down in 1896. The bell had been purchased by the county in 1855 and rang to convene court, to mark funeral processions, and as a fire alarm. Today it still rings to welcome us to Sunday Worship.

A notable feature of the church is the large stained glass window in the rear of the sanctuary. It was paid for by past and then present members of Miss Snow's class and was designated as a memorial to Miss Sue Wilson. Miss Wilson was a charter member of the church and taught the Beginners Class for more than 60 years. She was also Greenfield's Assistant Postmaster.

In 1971, two lots north of the church were purchased for $7,400 providing a site for the present parking lot. In June 1984 there was a fire caused by a power line falling on the church roof. There was little fire damage in the attic, but extensive water damage throughout the building. The congregation met at the Seventh Day Adventists Church while the building was being restored. In 1998 many improvements were made to the building, including the addition of an elevator, a new South Street entrance, and a new nursery and restroom off the Selman Room. Air conditioning was added in the fall of 2000. Recently the church has undergone remodeling of the kitchen in the basement and the kitchenette off the Selman Room. The Selman Room was also painted and had new carpet installed.

Now we find ourselves on the same corner with the more than 160 year-old bell still calling us to worship. We are thankful for all of our past history and are looking forward to a bright future of worshiping together as God's people.

The following ministers have filled the pulpit, either as pastors or supply:

1855David Monfort1884David R. Love1940William Marcus Kendall
1859William Sickles1889J.P. Hutchinson1943Grant O. Jennings, Jr.
1860O.T. Giddings1892S.S. Aikman1949Carl R. Hatfield
1862M.H. Shockley1894E.W. Souder1952Thomas C. Arthur
1865Abbott1896W.H. Sands1965Latham Wright
1866Isaac Monfort1899J. Clare Leach1970Millard Sivley
1871Eben Muse1903George C. Nolting1981Dean Chapman
1872John Dixon1907J. Gilmore Smith1987David Eikenberry
1873John B. Logan1908Joseph B. Williamson1993Ann Pitman Runnion
1874Charles T. White1914John F. Charlton2000Larry Langer
1877Joseph B. Lawery1915Wilfred Lindsay2001John Paulson
1878Lewis Lorramer1920William E. Todd2014Pat Reid
1880S.A. Jamison1922John W. Armstrong2016Ann Noland
1880James H. Hawk1928John Fredrick Slagle
1883J.A. Brown1938Stewart W. Hartfelter

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